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What Is It?

What Is It?

Use your imagination. (And your sweet tooth.)

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April 16, 2014   No Comments

Yes, Unicorns Make Rainbows

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker -- rainbows do come from unicorns, just not the part you thought.

Like most people, I thought unicorns pooped rainbows. Turns out we were all wrong. Rainbows do come from unicorns (of course), but they come out from three little holes on their back. Or at least rainbow sprinkles do. And now you know.

Here’s the evidence: Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker.

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April 11, 2014   No Comments

How Rocky Drinks Tea

Egg Tea Infuser by Decodyne

You know that scene in Rocky when Sylvester Stallone drinks the raw eggs? Sure you do. If not, you can be reminded of it below. (Ewww… salmonella). I’m not sure if that’s what the makers of the Decodyne Egg Tea Infuser had in mind when they designed this tea steeper, but that’s what it looks like. But remember, tea is much darker than raw egg protein slurry that Rocky drank — so you don’t have to look at the egg while drinking it!

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April 3, 2014   No Comments

Das Can-in-Stein

 ThinkGeek Das Can-in-Stein

This is filed away under ThinkGeek’s annual April Fool’s Day shenaniganary, but something tells me this one is gonna show up for real someday. It’s happened before and should happen again. I have a good feeling about this. (Previously, the Star Wars Tauntaun Full Size Sleeping Bag made it from gag to reality.)

The ThinkGeek Das Can-in-Stein is (will be) designed to hold any 12 ounce can transforming it into a pewter tankard. It should be simple enough to produce, so perhaps one day soon we will all be making toasts like Oktoberfest patrons, Dark Ages knights, or Vikings and whatnot with the amusing drink accessory. However, in preparation for such day, start the bread-growing now — it is highly doubtful that the Mr. Beard Beard Machine will make it into production in time.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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April 1, 2014   No Comments

Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder

Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder grinder for nuts

Kitchen prep work requires some elbow grease; chopping, slicing, mixing and cutting can be hard work. Ah, but the work is worth it when a delicious meal is the result. Still, sometimes cooking can seem like a marathon. One that requires endurance. Such as the Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder.

The 1.25-cup glass jar has a stainless steel hopper and a hand crank for manual nut grinding. It even has measurement markings along the side, so you can keep track of the progress — assuming you don’t stop for a ground nut snack along the way!

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March 26, 2014   Comments Off

Oh, It’s A Gas Station Hog Dog

Ketchup on a hot dog.

Somewhere in Arizona, there is a right field fence with a billboard advertising hot dogs. Normal enough, right? Hot dogs and baseball go quite well together. But this is a hot dog with ketchup on it. Now, baseball’s spring training is all about setting rosters and getting ready for the regular season, but I sure hope that hot dog doesn’t make the team.

If you’re watching spring training games on MLB Network, you’ll see it; talk about standing out like a sore thumb. A big ol’ hot dog with ketchup splashed on it. Eww. It’s as wrong as Barry Bonds.

The stadium billboard in right field advertises a brand I am unfamiliar with. QT, it said. Cryptic sounding. A QT hot dog. Was it real? Just what kind of hot dog purveyor would allow an advertisement of their product to have ketchup on it? Or catsup. Either way, hot dog aficionados would run the other way.

Further research was clearly necessary.

Oh, QT is QuickTrip. They are a gas station. That explains it. Perhaps it is more of a warning than an ad.

To be fair, QT supplies a toppings bar, so if you make your hot dog look like the one in their promos, you only have yourself to blame. But really, those guys need a new ad agency.

PS: Yes, I know some of you like ketchup on a hot dog. Sorry.
PPS: Not really. ;)

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March 24, 2014   No Comments

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