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Diving into candy coating

Sweet Coating Maker for the KitchenAid stand mixer

Candy is made in giant tumblers that coat nuts and other small ingredients in sugar. Just put in your ingredients and turn it on. Before you know it, you have a (great big) batch of candy. While most of us do not have the luxury of installing one of these people-sized machines in our home (or the need for that much candy), we can use the stand mixer to make some candy with this simple attachment.

The Sweet Coating Maker works with the KitchenAid stand mixer and is capable of producing 30 pounds of candy-coated sweetness per hour. The stainless-steel tumbler allows you to coat fruit, nuts, or other candy pieces in sugar or even chocolate and almond paste. With about a 16-inch diameter, the attachment is considerably smaller than its industrial cousins, making sure that it won’t take up too much room when not in use—or tempt us to dive in and candy-coat ourselves.

The link above no longer works, so give this one a spin: De Buyer Sweet Coating System

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Kohler goes over the kitchen sink in Stages

Kohler Stages 45-inch Kitchen Sink

You don’t often come across a kitchen sink that comes packed with accessories, but that is exactly what you get with the new Kohler Stages sink designs. Available in either a 45-inch (K-3761, pictured above) or a 33-inch (K-3760, pictured below) configuration, the Kohler Stages Sinks integrate the cooking process into the product line by including accessories all designed to facilitate in the creation of the meal.

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Party on the patio well into the night

LED Patio Umbrella Light

Cooking up a feast in the backyard is a great way to spend an afternoon. So great in fact, that more often than not, grilling sessions extend beyond sundown. Luckily, we live in a modern society where a minor inconvenience such as the sun going down doesn’t have to stop the party in its tracks, However, you will need some illumination to overcome Mother Nature’s early bedtime.

The LED Patio Umbrella Light may be a rather unworldly looking light, but it is designed to keep us firmly planted in our backyards. The 4.25-inch diameter saucer slides easily on to standard umbrella poles. Powered by four AAA batteries, the umbrella light may have enough juice to keep the party going, but as far as any sudden fast directional changes are concerned, that’s entirely up to you.

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Oil and vinegar one drop at a time

Pipette Oil & Vinegar by Design House Stockholm

Sure, you could use an oil mister to dress up your greens, or even the old fashioned way of pouring (gasp!) a mixture over your salad, but I think that’s all a little too last millennium. In this scientific age we all need to embrace the era that we live in. If that includes salad dressing, then so be it. I am prepared to meet the future head on; now you can too.

The Pipette Oil & Vinegar set by Design House Stockholm intends to bring up to date the way that we store and serve our salad essentials. Doling out exact measurements drop by drop, you have full control over your salad. The pipette set, designed by Camilla Kropp, is the perfect serving solution for the precision cook (or budding molecular gastronomist) in all of us.

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Porta Cool makes it easier to chill

Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket

Enjoying a nice picnic in the park is a good way to spend the day. Enjoying a cool bottle of wine at your picnic in the park is a great way to spend the day. However, that wine will need to be chilled somehow. Since picnickers are already loaded down with food, utensils and carrying equipment (not to mention fun and games), one less thing to lug around would certainly be welcome.

The Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket is a space-saving ice bucket that stores flat for easy portability. Keep it in your picnic basket and when you get to your destination, just inflate and fill with ice. The bucket measures 9.5-inches tall with a 9.5-inch diameter, so chilling a couple of bottles should be no problem. The best part is when your picnic is done and all the delicious food and beverages have been devoured, all you have to do is deflate and store it back in your picnic basket. Toss the empties in the recycling, pick up your picnic basket and you are on your way.

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No pizza is safe from Mario Batali pizza cutters


Okay, it’s official: Mario Batali truly is a superhero. Just take a look at that Mario Batali Pizza Knife. Only the purest of heart and clearest of mind can wield such a weapon tool. It even has his personal superhero logo plastered on it, so there can be no doubt as to whom it belongs. The pizza knife measures fifteen and a half inches across, allowing for the slaying slicing of most pizzas in one fell swoop. For the not-so-pure-of-heart, or for those still in training, there is always the Mario Batali Pizza Wheel. As a convenience for the home cook, the master chef has made sure there is a place for these in the home; Both the wheel and the knife feature nylon styling to protect your delicate non-stick pans.


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