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Hot Dog Hut Says Play Ball!

Paragon Hot Dog Hut Steamer and Merchandiser

Baseball season is about to get into full swing. A couple of games have already been played, but by this weekend all of them will be up and running. It is just the start of the baseball season, so there is still time to get your hot dog game on. And that means, of course, time to get a new hot dog hut!

The Paragon Hot Dog Hut Steamer and Merchandiser is a durable, full-size steamer that will last all season long. It can hold 200 regular dogs at a time, or considerably less “Champion Dogs” (aka ‘the $26 hot dog’).

Unfortunately, despite providing more than enough room for a hot dog per game, the appliance only holds 42 buns, so, sadly, an occasional trip to the store will be necessary. Just look at it as an opportunity to pick up more peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Play Ball!

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What Is It?

What is it?

What is it?

[

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Sad Toast

Sad San Diego Chargers Toast

Seriously, the Chargers have a stupid logo. Especially considering how they have been playing. But fear not, sports fans: There are 31 other NFL Protoast Toasters to choose from!

But if for some reason you insist on being a Chargers fan, it should be noted that the above image was manipulated and the official Chargers logo doesn’t form a frowny-face. Yet.

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Mini Waffles Abound!

Sunbeam CKSBWFMW3 Mini Waffle Maker

Some foods need to be made in batches. Waffles and pancakes fall into this category. And this goes double (or quadruple) when mini waffles are concerned. The Sunbeam CKSBWFMW3 Mini Waffle Maker is a specialty appliance that produces eight mini waffles per batch. While specialty appliances tend to take up more room than they are worth, waffle makers are worth a look, considering that waffles aren’t exactly easy to make in the oven. (And no, Eggo’s don’t count.) The mini waffle maker, not surprisingly, has a mini price to match–and you don’t even have to buy a whole batch to get the deal.

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Seeing Double With Two Times The Toast

Hamilton Beach 24121 SmartToast 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster

When an appliance only offers half of what is needed there is really only one solution: glue a second one to it! Now, that is probably not what happened to this Hamilton Beach 24121 SmartToast 4-Slice Cool Touch Toaster, but it sure looks like it. Either that or we are all seeing double–and it’s a bit early in the weekend for that.

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Skinny Oven For Big Food

Danby DER2009W 20-inch Electric Range

The Danby DER2009W Electric Range is only 20-inches across, but features four burners and a 2.6-cubic-foot capacity oven. It may look like a miniature, but considering that it can bake, boil and broil, the appliance brings everything that is needed to the kitchen. And it makes real food too, not those little dollhouse miniatures that look so good, but aren’t very tasty. Not that I ever tried to eat one, of course.

Product description:
DER2009W is ultra-compact electric range measure only 20 inches wide but offer 4 burners plus an oven. Taking up a minimum amount of space, this range is the perfect addition to trailers, cottages or accessory apartments.

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