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Snail Funnel Does Your Kitchen Tasks — Slowly

DCI Snail Funnel

Every kitchen needs a funnel, but not every kitchen needs snails. However, that doesn’t mean the two can’t get along. In fact if you put them together you get the DCI Snail Funnel!

The collapsible snail funnel is a fun way to go about many kitchen tasks — albeit very slowly. Perfect for pouring honey or molasses into small jars or otherwise, the fun kitchen tools could probably even be used with faster pouring ingredients — just don’t add salt.

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Behold, The Butterfly Fork!

Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork

A butterfly knife may make a great presentation when it gets whipped out, but you can’t eat anything with it. (Plus, a fast-moving blade lends itself a little too well to nicks and cuts.) But finally, there is a way to combine eating with snazzy utensil moves.

The Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork offers the showiness of a deadly weapon without all the deadly or weapon to go with it. To make things even better, the business end of the utensil includes a bottle opener. Plus, imagine how fast the line will open up next time at the buffet!

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Boston Warehouse Animal House Owl Salt Grinder

Boston Warehouse Animal House Owl Salt Grinder

Owls are well known for being wise; they are also famous for being able to turn their heads around almost in a full circle. The Boston Warehouse Animal House Owl Salt Grinder understands both of these properties.

Although it is labeled a salt grinder, it would probably work just as well for peppercorns. And as everybody who is wise knows, freshly-ground pepper is vastly superior to that powdered stuff that comes in a shaker. To use, just twist to grind for fresh spices; and no worries, this little owl can turn its head all the way around!


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September 24, 2012   6 Comments

Probably Pretend Popinator Project Pitches Popcorn

A company called Popcorn, Indiana has produced the above video highlighting something called the Popinator Project. The company may be real as evidenced by bags of the stuff the can be found in actual stores. But with viral marketing videos being so, well, viral (as well as being fun to blog about), it’s hard to take this at face value.

The Popinator is a:

Fully automated, voice-activated popcorn launching machine, that is triggered by the word pop.

It uses a “binaural microphone system” to figure out how to locate where the voice came from. Then it launches a single kernel into your waiting mouth. Is it real? You be the judge. (And buy some popcorn while at it.)

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Kikkerland Il Motorino Pizza Cutter

Kikkerland Il Motorino Pizza Cutter

First it was Mods vs. Rockers and now this. Mods vs. pizza! The Kikkerland II Motorino Pizza Cutter is a scooter-shaped pizza cutter inspired by an iconic Vespa or Lambretta scooter. Whatever side you happen to be on, for at least one issue there can be no debate: yes, another slice please!

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Mind Over Melon Watermelon Exploder

For some reason, watermelons receive more than their fair share of torture. First, there’s that Gallagher character who takes such glee from destroying the rotund fruits. And then of course, there is the Japanese, who torture melons into shapes that they have no business being forced into. (And cucumbers too.) They have even been corseted into a rubber band trap with predictable results.

Poor watermelons.

And now they must suffer via a direct link to the minds of their destroyers. Snip:

Mind Over Melon is a LVL1 project made by Chris and Brad. It’s purpose is simple: Destroy watermelons with your mind. It uses a Star Wars Force Trainer toy attached to an Arduino FIO with Xbee, paired to another Arduino + Xbee, attached to a 200psi Solenoid Valve. The solenoid valve dumps CO2 into the melon when brain activity reaches a certain threshold.
Louisville Hackerspace

Will watermelons ever get a break? I mean eaten. I mean left alone to take over the world in sweet, sweet, pink watery revenge.

(Via Dvice)

September 14, 2012   1 Comment

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