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Keep your cheese (and friends) in line

Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives

Putting out a cheese plate at a party is a sure-fire way to create a mess. Party-goers attack the hors d’oeuvres all willy-nilly, spreading cheese bits all over the place. As much fun as it is to entertain for your friends, it is no fun cleaning up after them. So, either get a bunch of new, cleaner friends or give them less of a reason to make a mess.

The Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives is a cheese palette designed to keep cheese-related messes to a minimum. Encouraging guests to keep the cheese on the board, a stainless-steel cutting wire is integrated at one end. As for knives: don’t give guests an excuse to try to make room for a knife somewhere on the table—it will just end up on the floor. The magnetic fence at the back of the board should do nicely for keeping them (the knives) in place. Truly this cheese board is a better option than serving those processed cheese singles you may have been thinking about.

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Divide and conquer your dinner

Circulon Cook Great Look Great 12" Divided Skillet

There is a battle going on in the kitchen: a struggle for dominance over food. The first strategy one must take when facing a formidable opponent such as chicken and potatoes is to divide and conquer. Together, the oh-so-delicious taste of potatoes cooked in chicken fat can overcome any defense one can muster. Therefore, they must be kept apart using a tool such as the Circulon Cook Great Look Great 12-inch Divided Skillet. Featuring a divider down the middle, the pan keeps food separated as it cooks—even though it all gets mixed up in the stomach anyways.

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Wine holder doesn’t try to stay upright

Grape Wine Bottle Holder

Perhaps after a long weekend, you have no interest in seeing a wine bottle. Then again, considering that wine hangovers are relatively benign, you may just be interested in having a spot to store those demon bottles ‘til next go around. Such as the case may be, the wall seems a good as place as any. The Grape Wine Bottle Holder mounts to the wall and stores bottles horizontally with no concern for gravity. Hopefully not with the same lack of concern for gravity that was enjoyed on Saturday night.

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Fast food in the fast lane

Car Swivel Tray

This is either a great idea or a horrible one… probably a horrible one. A platter of food at your side while driving can only be a distraction, and considering some of the drivers out there, that cannot be a good thing. However, we all know nobody is pulling over to safely eat a fast food meal anyways, so you gotta put those fries somewhere (before they stick to your insides). Might as well be the Car Swivel Tray. Except, the fact that it takes over the cup holder seems more than a bit dicey. Sure, it features a “non-skid surface”, but that’s not gonna hold back your super-sized cola when you slam on your non-skid brakes. Now I know cola all over your jeans is a distraction–driving or not.

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Bake your own hot dog buns

Americoat Nonstick 15" x 6" Hot Dog Bun Pan
Whether you call them frankfurters or wieners, hot dogs offer something for everyone. Available in a multitude of varieties, meat in tube form continues to be a classic meal no matter where you may be from. Yet for all the different forms (and varying degrees of quality) sausages can take, the bun sadly is too often overlooked. The lowly bun is capable of so much more than being relegated to oddly-numbered packages smushed into the back of a grocer’s counter—especially when you bake your own.

The Americoat Nonstick 15″ x 6″ Hot Dog Bun Pan encourages hot dog buns to rise to their full potential. The raised ridges form indentations into the buns as they bake, in the process creating quick-access cutting guides. As all hot dog fans know, the quicker to the dog, the better. Pile the resulting dog high with condiments (no ketchup), and the perfect hot dog is finally completed in all its glory, from its chili-coated top to hearty bread bottom.

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Noodle cup puzzle feeds your noodle

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game

Finally there is something to do while waiting those three agonizing minutes for Cup Noodle to finish rehydrating. The Cup Noodle Game takes the iconic lunch staple and transforms it into a puzzle game. Utilizing the always-in-fashion technique of having something blow up in your face if you don’t finish in time, the timed puzzle game sends ingredient-themed puzzle pieces flying if you don’t get it right. Even though it is life-sized, just don’t try it with a real Cup Noodles. Comes in three flavors–easy (Seafood), medium (Classic) and hard (Curry).

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game Variety

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