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Moon bounce for your beer

Inflatable Serving Bar

Beverages don’t tend to do too well in bouncy situations, but that doesn’t mean a cushion of air cannot provide a relaxing cloud-like bed for them to lounge in. Just don’t bounce in it. As tempting as though it may be, this raft-like Inflatable Serving Bar is probably too small for the average adult to get a good bounce on. And that’s who is going to be using this of course: adults for their adult beverages. Because nothing says class like having a big boatload of beer chilling in an inflatable raft. (And the kids would just throw thing in the pool).

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Air scrubber would make the perfect herb garden

The Only Botanical Air Purifier

Clean air is always a good thing and considering the amount of air filters, purifiers and the like that are out there on the market, most people would tend to agree. Problem is, while they’re doing their dirty work, they are just sitting there. Some of them don’t even make noise so if it weren’t for a little light you would never even know they were doing anything. (Besides the clean air, of course.)

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Colander rethink is deep

Cylinder Colander

Kitchen gadgets and gizmos come and go, but there a few that are present in every kitchen and never get a second thought. The colander is a good example of this. After all, it’s basically just a big ol’ stainless steel bowl with holes in it. But for draining pasta and cleaning veggies it can’t be beat. However, be that as it may, sometimes the darn thing is just the wrong shape. Draining pasta is one thing, but when it comes time to scrub leafy greens, more often than not, some escape over the side. As ubiquitous as colanders are, this minor inconvenience rarely gets a second thought. Unless you’re thinking deep.

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Corn Capper reinvents corn capping

Corn Capper -- corn holders

Along with the rest of humanity, I thought the issue regarding the holding of corn in the hands while eating was resolved. Apparently we were all wrong. Working in a not-so-secret laboratory somewhere, one enterprising individual has revealed the folly of our ways by creating a new product: The Corn Capper.

It turns out those pokey little corn-shaped holders aren’t the end all of corn holding technology. They do suffer one fatal flaw: it is necessary to grasp the hot corn in order to jab them into either end of the cob. This moment of discomfort can now be avoided by simply installing the Corn Capper before cooking the corn. They slide right on to any sized cob and offer full coverage for easy gripping. This must be how ancient man felt when upgrading from a square wheel to one that is round.


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Ding! Your wine is ready.

Koolatron Countertop Wine Cellar

Cooking with wine is a great way to add depth of flavor to many dishes, however most chefs tend to at least wait until the wine is out of the bottle. If you’re into nuking (or toasting) your wine before it even has a chance to breathe, you may want to look elsewhere. While this Koolatron Countertop Wine Cellar may look for all the world like a cross between a microwave and a toaster oven, this small 6-bottle wine fridge has no plans on ringing in the New Year with a few bottles of overdone wine. (At least I think so; those buttons across the front could just as easily house a shade selector and one-touch popcorn control.)

(Via Appliancist)

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Happy New Year!



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