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Work for your nuts

Nutcracker by Blomus

You know who has to work for nutmeat? Squirrels, that’s who. They run around all day and pick up nuts, carrying them in their cheeks. That deserves a reward much more than a walnut (or whatever they eat) can provide. Okay sure, survival may be reward enough on its own, but that’s for squirrels, you are not a squirrel.

However, if you sympathize with the eating and collecting habits of furry rodentia, you too can work for your nuts. The Nutcracker by Blomus may look like a thumbscrew, but it is a torture device of a different nature. Holiday season may commonly feature bowls of mixed nuts everywhere, but it’s going to take you until January to get through them if you crack them one-by-one. Good thing survival doesn’t depend on mixed nuts. (And the fact that the fridge is filled with leftover turkey doesn’t hurt.)

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Happy Turkey Day!


Gobble Gobble! Don’t eat any plastic turkeys!

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The trash is watching you

8.7 Gallon Trash Can - Wink in Brushed Stainless Steel by Polder

Whether you fill it with recycling, compost or plain ol’ trash, this can has its eye on you. The Wink by Polder is an 8.7-gallon capacity step can—but instead of a lid, this can winks at you! When stepped on, the two sides of the lid pull away from each other, giving the appearance of an opening eye. When closed, the two sides shut tightly keeping unpleasant garbage odors in the can. Good news for all those cooks out there who wish to see all the detritus created by cooking Thanksgiving dinner disappear in a blink of an eye.

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Mince N’ Slice makes it nice

Progressive Mince N' Slice

Need a quick julienne? The Mince N’ Slice by Progressive makes it easy. No need to lug out the heavy equipment for simple chores, the handheld kitchen gadget is a quick and easy way to get the job done. With more consistent results than a knife, the contraption catches the cuts in an included tray, conveniently allowing the results to be added to a salad or other presentation-dependent dishes. Even if you aren’t concerned with a need to pretty up your lunch, the easy to use gadget makes getting to the good stuff (the eating, of course) just that much easier.

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Fizz it yourself

U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit

Have a hankerin’ for milk and Pepsi but hate Pepsi? Well, if you’ve been suffering through the ultra sweet taste of that suspect combination just to get bubbles in milk, it’s time to let science lead you to better living. The U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit consists of little more than a couple of plastic tubes and a hose (luckily with a $6.99 price tag to match—good job ThinkGeek), but manages to turn any beverage into a bubbling fountain of nose-tickling goodness. Whether it be juice, coffee, tea or the aforementioned milk, your favorite beverage can now be made better. How? Science. By using baking soda and vinegar to produce carbon dioxide, the gadget captures the escaping gas and puts it into your drink. Better living through chemistry, indeed.

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Serving chef-brain soup

Revol Porcelain Chef Hat Server

Zombies may always in style, but this chef hat doesn’t contain any brains. Sorry. Well, unless you put them in yourself. In which case you might be a zombie. But if that were true, you would have no need to purchase this Revol Porcelain Chef Hat Server, because you can just go out and get your own—with brains still in it. However, chances are that if you are reading this, you are not a zombie, in which case it would be perfectly appropriate to pick up either the Large (with a 5.25-ounce capacity) version or the Mini (1.75-ounce capacity), and fill it with whatever your (hopefully beating) heart desires.

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