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Don’t make short work out of peeling

Apostrophe Orange Peeler by Gabriele Chiave for Alessi

a·pos·tro·phe (ə-pŏs’trə-fē) n
the punctuation mark (’) used to show where letters are omitted from a word, to mark the possessive, and sometimes to form the plural of numbers, letters, and symbols.

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Your $5.99 down the drain

Farberware Pro Tuna Press

I totally understand the rationale for the Farberware Pro Tuna Press to exist. A can of tuna is filled with oil or water; somehow that liquid needs to be removed. Of course, a tuna press! The only question that remains is how to remove the lid from the can of tuna when it drops down into the can. I guess by pressing down on it… that would then press out the water. Oh. Hmm…still, this useless kitchen gadget is a nice green color, isn’t it? I wonder what the semi-pro version looks like.

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December 4, 2009   2 Comments

Who knew? A kitchen scale and an iPod can mate

ADE Germany Rihanna iPod Dock Kitchen Scale

It’s not out yet, nor can you download a leaked copy, but sometime in the near future the Rihanna iPod Dock Kitchen Scale will become a reality. From ADE Germany, the over-achieving kitchen scale features a speaker housed directly underneath the weighing platform. How or why this will exist is anybody’s guess, but if it’s a must-have on your list, the monstrosity will cost about a hundred bucks—or about as much as a boombox with two speakers (and a kitchen scale to boot).

(Via Craziest Gadgets and Gizmag)

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A toast to these great space coasters

Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand

It looks like a space-car part out of the Jetsons, or perhaps a board game from Star Trek, but this shiny contrivance is actually a five-piece coaster set. The Coaster Set with Rubber Base and Stand may take up a fair amount of room on your living room table (each coaster measures four inches), but it is sure to act as a conversation starter; consider it an icebreaker before breaking out the real ice. When the drinks finally do hit the table, the stainless-steel coasters along with the rubber bases will keep your table top neat and tidy and free of Saturn’s rings.

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Zero bottles of beer on the wall

Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage

At some point in your post-college years, you have to take down all those empty bottles of beer on the wall, not pass them around, and put ‘em straight in the recycling bin. However, the college tradition of showing off that you are of drinking age (ahem) doesn’t have to stop there. Graduate on up to the Wrought Iron Vineyard Barrel Wine Cork Art Cage. After opening a bottle of wine, simply drop the cork into the hole on top. Goes perfectly well with that piggy bank you are using to hoard pennies so you can pay off those student loans.

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Work for your nuts

Nutcracker by Blomus

You know who has to work for nutmeat? Squirrels, that’s who. They run around all day and pick up nuts, carrying them in their cheeks. That deserves a reward much more than a walnut (or whatever they eat) can provide. Okay sure, survival may be reward enough on its own, but that’s for squirrels, you are not a squirrel.

However, if you sympathize with the eating and collecting habits of furry rodentia, you too can work for your nuts. The Nutcracker by Blomus may look like a thumbscrew, but it is a torture device of a different nature. Holiday season may commonly feature bowls of mixed nuts everywhere, but it’s going to take you until January to get through them if you crack them one-by-one. Good thing survival doesn’t depend on mixed nuts. (And the fact that the fridge is filled with leftover turkey doesn’t hurt.)

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