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De Dietrich Let Me Guess Blender refuses to blend in

Let Me Guess Blender by De Dietrich

Regarding the Let Me Guess blender by De Dietrich: Well, okay, De Dietrich, I’ll take a shot at it if you insist…

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Flames Barbecue Mitt is hopefully flame-resistant

Flames Barbecue Mitt

I’m not sure this is necessarily what you want to see while standing next to the grill, but in case you like your burgers well done, perhaps the Flames Barbecue Mitt is for you. Personally, after an early experience with too much lighter fluid, I tend to appreciate the low and slow school of cooking.

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Always have a fully stocked fridge

X-Ray Kitchen Fridge Wall Sticker

Measuring 29.5-inches by 19.5-inches, this X-Ray Kitchen Fridge Wall Sticker should fit nicely on your refrigerator door. Whether or not it is an accurate portrayal of the goods inside, well, that’s entirely up to you. In any event, the vinyl sticker is reusable, and part of a pretty cool looking set that features pieces appropriate for every room, from the bar to the living room, and yes, even to the bathroom.

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Wine trolley keeps the drinks rolling

Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley

Sure, you could pick up a kitchen island to complete the needed work area for your undersized kitchen. Yes, you could put a premium on counter space and pick up a handy island, ending all your veggie-chopping, dough-rolling worries. Certainly it would make the task of cooking easier… Or you could accomplish all that and more.

The Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley doesn’t offer a lot in the way of a work area, as it measures about 16-inches by 20-inches (it stands 32.5-inches tall). But, what it lacks up on top, it makes up for on bottom. Built to house six glasses and twelve bottles of wine, this wine rack on wheels may not help much when it comes to the prep work, but when it comes to the after dinner drinks, it will keep the party rolling.

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Let them grab cake

The Magisso Cake Server, designed by Maria Kivijärvi.

Designed by Maria Kivijärvi, the Magisso Cake Server is an elegant option for slicing and serving cake. Cut from a single piece of mirrored stainless steel, the utensil acts both as a knife and as a spatula. Sliding the implement through cake, and then squeezing it shut accomplishes service in one easy motion. Seeing it in action is a bit like imagining what it would be like to simply reach out and grab at a slice of cake—except this way you won’t ruin the cake for everybody else.

The Magisso Cake Server

The Magisso Cake Server with Cake

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Perfect pasta with no repainting

The Perfect Pasta Timer from Hammacher Schlemmer

At some point, one gets tired of adorning the wall with strands of spaghetti. While there may be no better way to test the doneness of pasta known to man than to throw it against a wall to see if it sticks, there is at least a cleaner one. The Perfect Pasta Timer from Hammacher Schlemmer seeks to put an end to spaghetti-related repainting by providing an alternate means to measure the cooking time of pasta.

Pre-programmed with preferred cooking times for ten different pasta shapes, each with the option of al dente or regular, the timer makes it easy to get the results you want each and every time. As an added bonus, the timer is mounted on the end of a thermometer probe; no, not just to alert you when the water is hot enough to add pasta (a.k.a. rapidly boiling), but to give you something to grab onto while rooting around for it in a drawer.

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