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Happy New Year!



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Foodpod comes in peace

Fusion Brands -- Foodpod

It all started innocently enough. A manufacturer, in this case Fusion Brands, decided to explore new designs for kitchen gadgets. Apparently an expedition was initiated, and in the far reaches of the galaxy, a new silicone-based life form was found. It’s an old concept (silicon-based life that is, not spaceships traveling about for kitchen gadgetry) that has now been verified by the existence of the Foodpod.

It seems as the calendar year changes, it’s appropriate to welcome in new life. Even if it comes in the form of a kitchen gadget as does the Foodpod. I, for one (as a healthy male), welcome our new silicone overlords… What? What’s that you say?
…Ohhh, silicon creatures are the concept, not silicone. Well that’s better anyways. In spite of the excess of silicone this planet offers (ladies, stay natural please), we welcome you anyways, Foodpod.

(Via Gizmodo)

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Don’t forget to take the meat off the tree

Prosciutto Ornament

It’s National Get Rid of the Tree Week, but before you do, make sure you safely pack up all those little ornaments and stuff them away for another year. While it’s generally not recommended to file away meat products for a year, I think you’ll be OK with keeping this Prosciutto Ornament under wraps. The hand-painted glass meat ornament was made in Poland, and while they were recently half price at Sur La Table, the decoration is currently unavailable. Just like real prosciutto, you got to get to it fast. Good stuff.

***UPDATE 12/2/2013***
The above ornament is still out of stock, but here are some replacement meat ornaments ready for the tree (or really any shrubbery all year ’round).

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Slicing (garlic) without jail time

Garlic Slicer

You know that scene in Goodfellas when they are in ‘jail’? And whatshisname is slicing garlic so thin that “it melts in your mouth”? That has always appealed to me. (The garlic, not the jail time.) While I may have picked up a few cooking tips from Martin Scorsese films, generally I still crush garlic. There may be a ton of garlic crushers or mincers out on the market, but I still usually prefer to simply whack it with a knife. (The broadside of a knife, that is.)

For those that desire thinly sliced garlic without doing time, the Garlic Slicer may be the answer. Made of 18/10 stainless-steel, the handheld gadget delivers three uniform slices of garlic with a simple twist of the wrist. It holds up to two cloves at a time, and the remainder can simply be stored in the fridge for later use—with no need to bribe anyone in order to go on a garlic run.

***UPDATE 1/11/13*** The link above no longer works, so check out the new one below, but beware: unlike Goodfellas, the reviews aren’t so hot!

Kuchenprofi Primus Twist-Top Garlic Slicer in 18/10 Stainless Steel

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Happy Holiday!

 Message-in-a-Cookie Holiday Cookie Cutters

Yes, yes. Let’s all do what the cookie says: Have a Happy Holiday!

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Magic eye for the mouth

Cipher Drinking Glass, designed by Damjan Stanković.

Most concept designs never see the light of day. Of course, there is the rare success story (I’m looking at you Tauntaun sleeping bag), but concepts, when combined (usually) with students and 3D rendering software, generally produce nonsensical ideas—or at least products that have unrealistic manufacturing expectations.

[

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