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Square eggs stack smart

Square Egg Press and Egg Saver available at Chef Gadget

They say you are not supposed to store eggs in the refrigerator door. While those little egg-shaped depressions may look tempting, apparently the temperature fluctuates too wildly in those parts. However, don’t worry about a refrigerator that does not maintain a safe temperature, because, thankfully, there is a workaround concerning the storage of eggs. The Square Egg Press and Egg Saver turns those hard-to-manage oblong (hard-boiled) eggs into convenient and stackable squares. Just don’t forget about them in the back of the fridge.

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C is for Cookie, S is for Shovel

Norpro Jumbo Cookie Shovel

One cookie is not good enough for me, but a whole shovel-load sounds perfect. The Norpro Jumbo Cookie Shovel can help make that happen. The oversized spatula features a payload that measures 6.5-inches from end to end, and a long 13.75-inch handle to help get all that extra leverage you’ll need for scooping all those cookies off of the baking sheet. Now they just need to make jumbo-sized milk cartons.

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Twist Whisk promises more than hot air

Twist Whisk 10

Air turbulence isn’t always a bad thing. While the aerodynamically sensitive industries surrounding planes, trains and automobiles may disagree about that, cooking is all about moving air. One might think that usually cooking concerns the movement of hot air in particular, but not in this case.

The Cuisipro Twist Whisk may look like loopy red licorice vines sticking out of a handle, but these silicone-wrapped wires aren’t going to be very tasty (or easy to eat). Designed to create more movement of air while mixing, the textured nature of the of the wires carry with them the promise of increased efficiency, resulting in reduced whipping and mixing time. Forget the mysterious black box material, if Red Vines licorice makes things go faster, maybe they start making airplanes out of candy.

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Space pancakes in space

Outer Space Pancake Molds

The nascent space tourism industry needs to get a few things straight before it really gets off the ground. First, lower the prices. Second do breakfast right. Earthbound hotels often offer a ‘continental breakfast’ consisting of coffee or tea, fruit, and a baked roll or pastry of some sort. We can do better. We can give a little something extra. We can have ‘extra-continental’.

Seeing as anyone staying at a space hotel would be off of all the continents, it would make sense to go the extra mile. Like free pancakes included with the morning meal. And of course, they have to be space pancakes. These NASA-designed inspired Outer Space Pancake Molds would do quite nicely. I’ll even bring them right over. Just send a ship, please.

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Move over molecules, make way for digital gastronomy

Cornucopia: Digital Gastronomy

A design concept by Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran of the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group, Cornucopia: Digital Gastronomy looks forward and examines how food may be delivered in the future. It’s a food printer.

Ingredients are stored in food canisters and are then fed into a mixer before heading off to an extruder tube. The mash is then layered inside the receiving chamber according to preset instructions. The unit will then be able to heat or cool the food, ultimately resulting in a finished product the likes of which are not seen in nature.

Mmm, don’t forget the crackers.

(Via Make)

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This is the apron you are looking for (if you’re not George Lucas)

Come to the Dark Side Apron

“Come to the dark side. We have cookies… – V”

Really I don’t see that there really is a choice; everybody knows the dark side has the best cookies. Unless of course, the dark side is where George Lucas keeps his lawyers ready to pounce on any dubious unlicensed goods from Star, er, Stir Wars. Ol’ George may let the Come to the Dark Side Apron pass (just who exactly is ‘V’?), but just be extra careful when making a C-3PO shiny gold or R2-D2 short and squat version—droid is a registered trademark of LucasFilm.

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