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Happy Holiday!

 Message-in-a-Cookie Holiday Cookie Cutters

Yes, yes. Let’s all do what the cookie says: Have a Happy Holiday!

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Magic eye for the mouth

Cipher Drinking Glass, designed by Damjan Stanković.

Most concept designs never see the light of day. Of course, there is the rare success story (I’m looking at you Tauntaun sleeping bag), but concepts, when combined (usually) with students and 3D rendering software, generally produce nonsensical ideas—or at least products that have unrealistic manufacturing expectations.

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Lurking leftovers lurk no more

Swing Out Fridge Tray

We are in the eye of the leftover hurricane right now. With the turkey and cranberries finally absent from the dark recesses of the fridge, suspect foods in various states of freshness have finally become a thing of the past. But then, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the fridge, along comes more feasting.

The Swing Out Fridge Tray exposes those dark corners and does indeed make it safe again for the midnight munchies. With a revolving disc that slides out away from the base, the fridge tray gives easy access to whatever may be lurking in the back of the fridge. Employ this handy kitchen gadget and you’ll save yourself from any plastic-wrap or tinfoil surprises that may be uncovered some time in late January.

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This wine opener will not get misplaced

Rogar International Champion Wine Opener in Antique Pewter with White Wave Granite

Granite and wine rarely mix, but luckily there’s another way to open that bottle other than hitting it against a slab of hard rock. The Rogar International Champion Wine Opener in Antique Pewter with White Wave Granite is an impressive stationary opener that can uncork (and re-cork) bottles in under a second. That’s a timeframe even the most impatient among us will find comforting, while those who practice patience will appreciate an opener this steady as a rock. Best of all, there’s no fishing about for an elusive opener—this behemoth has no chance of getting lost in the utensil drawer.

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Abracadabra! You may now drink your beer!

UTILO Deluxe Bottle Opener with Black Handle by Blomus

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Clarke’s Third Law

Of course, you are not going to be fooling anyone if you don’t have a magic wand. Everybody knows that magic requires a magic wand. That’s like Magic’s First Law. But in a pinch, a thing that looks like a magic wand will do. Especially when faced with a case of beer.

The UTILO Deluxe Bottle Opener with Black Handle by Blomus is a uniquely styled bottle opener. Similar in styling to a classic magic wand, the bottle opener may not fool anyone into believing you magically opened the beer, but open enough of ‘em and they just might.

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The cheese does not stand alone

Mouse-Shaped Cheese Knife

There are some images of animals and their counterparts that are eternal: cats will always want to eat birds, hay is for horses, and mice will risk life and limb to get the cheese. As such, there is no shortage of themed material available for these iconic mash-ups. If you’ve got a cheese (or mouse) fan on your gift list, this Mouse-Shaped Cheese Knife at Sur La Table would make a fine addition to their collection. Unless of course, they have a collection of real mice, which in that case it might be a little inappropriate.

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