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Water water everywhere, with filtered drops to drink

The Self Filtering Water Bottle from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Sure, we all know that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, and are pretty easy to phase out of our daily routines. All it takes is a getting some sort of reusable water bottle, and those are certainly plentiful. Water may indeed be everywhere, but when out in the wild there is usually not a filtered drop to drink. Until now.

The Self Filtering Water Bottle from Hammacher Schlemmer is a stainless-steel water bottle that comes complete with an integrated filter. Able to treat up to 100 gallons of water before replacing, the water bottle/filter combination provides the equivalent of 757 1/2-liter plastic bottles. Using adsorption, chemical bonding, and 1/500-millimeter perforations to remove 99.99% of microbes, the water bottle is a convenient accessory for modern life, or even as a means to ensure access to potable water when out on the hiking trail—you know, out in the environment we’re all trying save.

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Finally, a chance for Bread People to lead a normal life

Swissmar Bamboo Crumb Catching Board w/Bread Knife

It goes without saying that Bread People eat a lot of bread. Which also goes to say, they have a lot of crumbs in their homes. As all this bread-eating usually outpaces bread-cleaning, all those crumbs pile up. Just like you don’t clean the crumb tray out of your toaster after every use, Bread People don’t clean away the crumbs after slicing into a loaf; it’s just going to get all crumby again at the next meal. I know all this, because I am a Bread Person.

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Consume the internet, but please cook it first

The CastOven, a YouTube enabled microwave oven.

Forget about that JooJoo tablet thingy that sounds to me like Arrington wanted to hijack: if you want to consume the internet, you’re going to have to cook it first. In a microwave. Literally.

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Don’t make short work out of peeling

Apostrophe Orange Peeler by Gabriele Chiave for Alessi

a·pos·tro·phe (ə-pŏs’trə-fē) n
the punctuation mark (’) used to show where letters are omitted from a word, to mark the possessive, and sometimes to form the plural of numbers, letters, and symbols.

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Your $5.99 down the drain

Farberware Pro Tuna Press

I totally understand the rationale for the Farberware Pro Tuna Press to exist. A can of tuna is filled with oil or water; somehow that liquid needs to be removed. Of course, a tuna press! The only question that remains is how to remove the lid from the can of tuna when it drops down into the can. I guess by pressing down on it… that would then press out the water. Oh. Hmm…still, this useless kitchen gadget is a nice green color, isn’t it? I wonder what the semi-pro version looks like.

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Who knew? A kitchen scale and an iPod can mate

ADE Germany Rihanna iPod Dock Kitchen Scale

It’s not out yet, nor can you download a leaked copy, but sometime in the near future the Rihanna iPod Dock Kitchen Scale will become a reality. From ADE Germany, the over-achieving kitchen scale features a speaker housed directly underneath the weighing platform. How or why this will exist is anybody’s guess, but if it’s a must-have on your list, the monstrosity will cost about a hundred bucks—or about as much as a boombox with two speakers (and a kitchen scale to boot).

(Via Craziest Gadgets and Gizmag)

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