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Bake your own hot dog buns

Americoat Nonstick 15" x 6" Hot Dog Bun Pan
Whether you call them frankfurters or wieners, hot dogs offer something for everyone. Available in a multitude of varieties, meat in tube form continues to be a classic meal no matter where you may be from. Yet for all the different forms (and varying degrees of quality) sausages can take, the bun sadly is too often overlooked. The lowly bun is capable of so much more than being relegated to oddly-numbered packages smushed into the back of a grocer’s counter—especially when you bake your own.

The Americoat Nonstick 15″ x 6″ Hot Dog Bun Pan encourages hot dog buns to rise to their full potential. The raised ridges form indentations into the buns as they bake, in the process creating quick-access cutting guides. As all hot dog fans know, the quicker to the dog, the better. Pile the resulting dog high with condiments (no ketchup), and the perfect hot dog is finally completed in all its glory, from its chili-coated top to hearty bread bottom.

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Noodle cup puzzle feeds your noodle

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game

Finally there is something to do while waiting those three agonizing minutes for Cup Noodle to finish rehydrating. The Cup Noodle Game takes the iconic lunch staple and transforms it into a puzzle game. Utilizing the always-in-fashion technique of having something blow up in your face if you don’t finish in time, the timed puzzle game sends ingredient-themed puzzle pieces flying if you don’t get it right. Even though it is life-sized, just don’t try it with a real Cup Noodles. Comes in three flavors–easy (Seafood), medium (Classic) and hard (Curry).

Cup Noodle Puzzle Game Variety

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Be nice: slice precise

Victorinox Precise Slice Knife

In the very near future, hams, turkeys and roasts across the land will be broiled, braised and baked to perfection. From oven to table, the wafting scent of dinner will cause family and friends to gather ‘round in eager excitement. And then you cut into it, ravaging the poor beast into disrespectful clumps. Enthusiastic smiles become replaced by disappointed grimaces. Don’t let your stunning table presentation fall into a meaty pile of disarray: the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife will help you clean up your slicing act.

The serrated knife features an adjustable guide to help you create perfect slices from 1-mm to 15-mm thick. Operating similar to a mechanical slicer, the offset guide directs the cutting edge all the way through the meat during the slicing action. Serve thick slices for the entrée and then just as easily cut some thinly sliced for sandwiches the next day. With neat and clean dinner presentation along with perfect leftovers, your guests may just never leave.

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Tubes worked for the internet: why not cereal too?

Quatuor by Arthur Senant

You know those Trader Joe’s cereals that are really, really good, but for some reason don’t come in large boxes? I mean, there are probably about four bowls of cereal per box. Yeah, they’re good, and yeah, they cost a couple of bucks, but c’mon! I don’t want to feel the need to buy a box every other day. Mr. Trader Joe: either make ‘em in a bigger size, or send ‘em directly into my kitchen.

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Spachello saves cream cheese packaging

Spachello Slice & Spread

I hate messing up multiple utensils in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making something simple like a sandwich or a bagel. It is just too tempting to use a serrated knife to spread mayo, peanut butter or cream cheese. I have torn many a package of cream cheese into shreds trying to use a sharp knife to dig out the spread for my bagel. It’s a lesson I seem to refuse to learn. Now, I don’t have to; the Spachello Slice & Spread combines a cutting and spreading knife into one. Perfect for people like me who go out of their way to minimize utensil use, the Spachello is the best thing for sandwiches (and tear-prone packaging) since sliced bread.

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This egg scrambler definitely did not come first

Shake Me Egg Shaker

If you’ve been using a butter knife to scramble your eggs, then this kitchen gadget is for you. Finally, thanks to the Shake Me Egg Shaker, there is a simple method for making scrambled eggs. Just crack up to three eggs into one half of the egg-shaped device, close and shake. A Y-shaped protuberance inside of the capsule separates and scrambles the eggs. So put away those rocks, canned goods, salt-shakers, fingers and whatever else you’ve been using to scramble your eggs, and do it properly; the right tool for the job, I always say.

UPDATE 7/9/12: Sold out (or at least no longer available) at the link above. However! Today is your lucky day! The Zak Designs D Circle Egg Shaker is still available on Amazon for all your egg shaking needs! Phew!


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