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Twist & Chop simplifies food prep

Kuhn Rikon Twist & ChopSometimes lugging out the food processor for a quick and easy meal just doesn’t seem worth it. There is no doubt that the food processor is the workhorse of the kitchen, but sometimes it just isn’t practical. For those times when you need to chop just a few veggies there is another solution.

The Kuhn Rikon Twist & Chop simplifies food preparation. Perfect for creating a small salad, the slicer operates simply by twisting the lid. Just place your food in the container and twist away. The blades are double-sharpened so they cut in both directions. Best of all, when finished, you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

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Frothed milk made easy

Bodum Mousse Electric Frother

Sometimes the best meal is the one you make for yourself. Same thing goes for coffee. A cup of coffee freshly made from a French press is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes you want a little bit more than just a plain cup of coffee. Well, no need to run to the corner coffee shop, you can still make your own.

The Bodum Mousse Electric Frother is a simple to use battery-operated device designed to whip up froth and foam for your coffee drinks. It comes with a microwave-safe borosilicate glass carafe, so no worries about cold milk. Whether you prefer a cappuccino or a latte, your favorite coffee drinks are a whole lot closer with this little frother.

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Le Creuset enameled cookware: Caribbean collection

Le Creuset enameled cookware: Caribbean collection

What a nice shade of blue if I do say so myself. I think this Caribbean Stockpot from Le Creuset would look great in my kitchen… and right here on this blog. The blue doesn’t quite match BTKS, but hey, that is a sharp looking color.

The 6-quart stockpot by Le Creuset is made with heavy gauge steel and hard glossy enamel. Extremely versatile, the large size is perfect for creating sauces and dishes to feed the whole family. Part of a set, the Caribbean collection features everything from soup (pans) to nuts skillets.

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One cup of coffee at a time

Bodum Bistro Mug Press

For those that absolutely must have freshly-made hot coffee, here is the Bodum Bistro Mug Press. With the inclusion of a grooved lip, it is designed to rest directly on the rim of your personal coffee mug. Fill with your favorite ground coffee, let it steep and press down when ready. The result is a cup of piping hot coffee, (almost) ready to drink.

Like a French press, except on a small scale, the Mug Press is sure to create a delicious cup of coffee precisely to your liking. However, the lack of a carafe strikes me as unsettling. I don’t like running out of coffee, and I don’t know many coffee drinkers who do. I’ll stick to the French Press and the comforting thought of a refill just being a pour away.

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Better baking biscuit butter by Butter Butler

Butter Butler
Novelty food items are a lot of fun, but they usually prove to be ultimately worthless. Sometimes, the fun is just in trying to come up with an actual use for them. In the case of the Butter Butler, there may be no end to the possibilities.

Operating like a Play-Doh Fun Factory the Butter Butler squeezes out fun shapes of butter. Simply place the butter in the gadget, choose a shape and extrude. You probably never thought you would need long strands of butter, but sometimes unnecessity is the mother of invention.

Consider biscuit making. The idea is to “cut” the butter in without entirely melting it. Also, a minimum of mixing is preferable in any biscuit-making endeavor. So, what if this device actually could help? It’s possible after all. As far as I’m concerned, when biscuits are involved, the more research the better. And hey, if that doesn’t work, I’m sure I could come up with some sort of butter spaghetti application.

(Serious Eats via Dvice via Book of Joe)

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Lift & Serve Pan makes bite-sized baking a breeze

Lift & Serve Single Squares PanAnybody with a penchant for hors d’oeuvres is going to appreciate this nifty pan. From bite-sized quiche to tasty little cakes, creating petite snacks has never been easier.

The Chicago Metallic Lift & Serve Single Squares Pan bakes a dozen appetizing treats at a time. It features twelve individual cups each measuring 1¾-inch square by ¾ of an inch deep. When done, the delicate dishes pop right out of the nonstick pan simply by pushing up from underneath. Unlike other stubborn pans, the removable inserts help to lift the food out, leaving you with easy to handle delicious appetizers that are just a bite away.

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