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Better Butterer for better buttering

Better Butterer by Progressive

No longer do you have to wrestle with a quickly melting pat of butter when trying to season corn. Butter falling off of the knife or not melting properly can now be a thing of the past. Bypass the butter knife completely with the Better Butterer by Progressive.

Simply place one stick of butter in the device and you’re ready to enjoy hot buttered corn. The contoured shape fits over the surface of any ear of corn, and the butter melts as it comes in contact with the hot corn. With no knife for the butter to fall off of, the butter stays on the corn, and not on the plate. Better buttering is a breeze with the Better Butterer.

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Practical and distinctive Carved Wood Bottle Openers (affordable too!)

Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost

Every kitchen has one, but that doesn’t mean anybody knows where it is. Bottle openers tend to get misplaced quite often. Small and portable, not only do they get carried from room to room, but they also blend in with the surroundings. It’s quite easy to overlook a bottle opener casually set down on a cluttered table.

These Carved Wood Bottle Openers by Roost are a bit easier to track down. With the elegant design and distinctive features, they are as displayable as they are practical. Each opener has the brass fitting placed in a strategic location. Check out the ‘feet’ of the owl, or the ‘teeth’ of the shark for clever examples.

Inspired by an antique find these bottle openers are surprisingly affordable, priced around $20.00 each. Seven styles are available: Bull, Shark, Duck, Owl, Apple, Elephant, and Snake.

(Via The Kitchn)

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On-demand caramel apples: The Apple Dipper

Apple Dipper

Some people like to keep a dish of candy on a nearby side table. Whenever the candy craving hits, a sweet treat is never too far away. As practical as that may be, some people appreciate other sweets adorning their tabletops. Like caramel. Melted caramel.

The Apple Dipper is probably not intended as a perpetual sugar-dispensing device, but it does have that capability. Designed to melt caramel and keep it heated, the dipper is a fun way to create caramel apples. Turn it on, fill it up and dip away. Be careful though, with the ability to keep caramel in a continual ready-to-dip state, that candy dish is going to get jealous!

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Twist & Chop simplifies food prep

Kuhn Rikon Twist & ChopSometimes lugging out the food processor for a quick and easy meal just doesn’t seem worth it. There is no doubt that the food processor is the workhorse of the kitchen, but sometimes it just isn’t practical. For those times when you need to chop just a few veggies there is another solution.

The Kuhn Rikon Twist & Chop simplifies food preparation. Perfect for creating a small salad, the slicer operates simply by twisting the lid. Just place your food in the container and twist away. The blades are double-sharpened so they cut in both directions. Best of all, when finished, you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

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Frothed milk made easy

Bodum Mousse Electric Frother

Sometimes the best meal is the one you make for yourself. Same thing goes for coffee. A cup of coffee freshly made from a French press is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes you want a little bit more than just a plain cup of coffee. Well, no need to run to the corner coffee shop, you can still make your own.

The Bodum Mousse Electric Frother is a simple to use battery-operated device designed to whip up froth and foam for your coffee drinks. It comes with a microwave-safe borosilicate glass carafe, so no worries about cold milk. Whether you prefer a cappuccino or a latte, your favorite coffee drinks are a whole lot closer with this little frother.

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Le Creuset enameled cookware: Caribbean collection

Le Creuset enameled cookware: Caribbean collection

What a nice shade of blue if I do say so myself. I think this Caribbean Stockpot from Le Creuset would look great in my kitchen… and right here on this blog. The blue doesn’t quite match BTKS, but hey, that is a sharp looking color.

The 6-quart stockpot by Le Creuset is made with heavy gauge steel and hard glossy enamel. Extremely versatile, the large size is perfect for creating sauces and dishes to feed the whole family. Part of a set, the Caribbean collection features everything from soup (pans) to nuts skillets.

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