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At Least This Notre Dame Football Mug Is Undefeated

NCAA Notre Dame Undefeated Season Tankard BCS Championship Mug

The BCS Championship game was last night. It was a boring football game. The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to a final score of 42-14. In college sports, they seem to count “postseason” stats as valid, so while the football minds of Notre Dame ponder their first loss of the season, perhaps they can drown their sorrows in this NCAA Notre Dame Undefeated Season Tankard BCS Championship Mug.

Roll Tide, as they say.

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January 8, 2013   No Comments

Presto Peel-a-Meal Electric Potato Peeler

Presto 02905 Peel a Meal Electric Peeler

“Never again.” It’s a pretty good bet those words have been spoken aloud quite often during the past few days. But before we all experienced National Hangover Day on New Year’s Day, we had those pesky resolutions to consider. While there were certainly many utterances banishing fatty and greasy foods to the depths of oblivion, there were likely New Year’s Resolutions that dealt with the holiday season specifically. As in, “Never again will I make a million pounds of mashed potatoes!”

If these words sound familiar, check out the Presto 02905 Peel a Meal Electric Peeler. The electric peeler claims to peel apples, potatoes and more quickly and easily (and most importantly, automatically). If this sounds too good to be true, perhaps it is; reviews are mixed. But at less than $25, it might not hurt to try, and hey, one can always re-gift it if it doesn’t work for you. Better than a Big Mouth Billy Bass (70 bucks!?!).

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January 3, 2013   No Comments

Season’s Greetings!

Botskis Season's Greetings / Christmas Tree Bottle Tie - Plays Jingle Bells & Blinking LED

While it may be vacation time for some, others still have to show up at the office with a tie. But don’t worry: that doesn’t mean you have to wear the tie. For your next holiday party try the Botskis Season’s Greetings / Christmas Tree Bottle Tie – Plays Jingle Bells & Blinking LED on for size. It’s a lot more comfortable and enjoyable for all. Cheers and Season’s Greetings!


December 22, 2012   No Comments

Chef’s Red Pot Wine Bottle Stopper

Chef's Red Pot Wine Bottle Stopper 20-455 by Epic Products

The holidays are all about family, friends and food. And of course, wine. Sharing a bottle (or three) with family and friends over food is a fine way to finish the year. But if your gathering can’t finish the bottle, don’t let it go to waste. Let the Chef’s Red Pot Wine Bottle Stopper seal in that holiday spirit. Or wine as the case may be.

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December 18, 2012   No Comments

Hostess Twinkies Bake Set With Pastry Bag & Recipe

Hostess Twinkies Bake Set with Pastry Bag & Recipe

The Great Twinkie Scare of 2012 was no laughing matter. Except of course, that it was. Jokes can be made about Twinkies never, ever, really going away due to their long shelf life. Or perhaps, one can chuckle at the thought of a Twinkie being grown because they are not really food. And then of course is the biggest myth of them all: that Twinkies are some sort of superfood.

In any event, just in case the iconic snack cake does ever disappear, the Hostess Twinkies Bake Set with Pastry Bag & Recipe Booklet will be there to help repopulate store shelves everywhere. Or at least eBay auctions.

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December 13, 2012   1 Comment

WineStraws Are Wine Straws

The WineStraw is a wine straw.

Here come the holidays! You know what that means…. drinking! This Party Pack of 12 WineStraws will get you through the festivities with a bright smile. What the heck is a WineStraw, one might ask. So glad you asked. A WineStraw is a wine straw; that is all.

Look at it this way: now you can have something to talk awkwardly with your relatives about. And it won’t be because of your wine lips! Cheers!

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December 11, 2012   No Comments

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