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Football Shaped Beer Glasses

Libbey 23-Ounce Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set, 4-Piece

Football is now on three nights a week. These football shaped beer glasses come in a 4-pack. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. Be it Sunday, Monday or Thursday night, NFL football will be on the tube. This Libbey 23-Ounce Football Tumbler 4-Piece Beer Glass Set is the perfect accompaniment for the week.

And lest you think that BTKS is suffering from inability to count, there being four football glasses in this set and three nights of NFL football, please remember that the college kids play on Saturday. They might not be able to count bucketfuls of money that they deserve for being the entertainers that they are INTERCEPTED BY THE NCAAF…

Four nights of football, four football shaped beer drinking glasses. Perfect like the ’72 Dolphins. However you add it up.

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Star Wars R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Holder Dispenser

Star Wars R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Holder Dispenser

R2-D2 has it good. Despite the occasional foray into battle, the little droid does pretty well for himself. He gets carted around in spaceships, has a big gold buddy and is down with a princess. However, like all droids, every once in a while he needs a tune up. As in an oil change. Little did we all know, but R2-D2 runs on delicious soy sauce.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Soy Sauce Bottle Holder Dispenser is a handy dandy condiment dispenser that measures about four inches tall (so the Jawas won’t find him). Luckily with or without the scavengers, R2-D2 is ready for service. Dinner service that is. Who knew back in the 70s that R2-D2 leaking oil would be delicious for your rice? Aside from George Lucas, that is.

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Turn A Pallet For The Palate Into A Palette

Pallet For The Palate Turns Into A Palette With Palette-It

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or on the table. Some might see artistic renditions of beer glass shaped drink rings on the table, while others may see a lot of ugly white spots complete with condensation. Helping to keep these accidental masterpieces at bay are the Palette-It Drink Coasters.

So, while one is imbibing and enjoying drinks on the palate, these pallet coasters will be protecting the table top. Of course the pallets will eventually start looking like artist palettes, but one could always frame them when the artistry (or drinking) is complete.

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Campbell’s Soup K-Cup For Keurig Coffee Maker

Campbell Soup Co. to make K-cup soup packs that can be made with Green Mountain's Keurig single-serve coffee machines.

Let’s just start things off with a quote:

“Consumers told us we should put Campbell soup in these machines.”
–Green Mountain CEO Brian Kelley

I want to know who these consumers are. First of all, I’m not even sure that the idea of putting coffee in these machines is acceptable! These machines, of course, are the single-serve monstrosities like the Keurig coffeemaker that serve up coffee drinks one K-cup at a time. Ugh. Yes, I get it: convenience wins, it makes sense with multiple users like in an office… and well, that’s all I can think of. “These machines” are glorified coffee vending machines.

Which brings us back to soup. Now, Campbell’s Soup will be available in K-cup form. Stick the soup pod in your coffee maker, press the button and watery soup will be yours to enjoy. If it didn’t happen to be September, I would think this to be an April Fools joke. What, the office doesn’t have a microwave? Ugh. Glad it’s Friday and this thought will be outta my head soon!

Via AP

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Finally A French Fry Vending Machine (In Belgium)

French Fry Vending Machine

Good french fries are hard to find. And if you’re an American, they can be far away too. Like Western Europe far away. Now that’s not to say that awesome pommes frites, fritten or friet cannot be found here in the States, and we do have our share of duck fat-fried potatoes populating our landscape, but when it comes it fast and easy french fry action, we are stuck with fast-food (and no, McDonald’s fries are not awesome).

Belgium has three official languages (Dutch, French, and German) and with that trifecta of speech it should come as no surprise that fried potatoes are a big deal in that part of the world. So much so that they have French Fry Vending Machines.

Above is shown a French Fry Vending Machine in action in Chaussee de Gand Steenweg op Gent in Brussels, Belgium. Ninety seconds to fries. Only a few bucks (€2.50). No squeaky voiced teen pretending to watch the fry basket. And yes, they are served with mayo (or ketchup).

(Via Incredible Things)

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Happy Labor Day!


Take that, labor!


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