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Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

It’s pretty clear that there is always room for more on the snack shelf, despite the overcrowding. The trick, of course, is to make your product stand out amongst the bags of chips, pretzels and popcorn. One way to get noticed is to add something unique to your snack of choice. Like beef.

Cherkees Beef Jerky Potato Chips are a blend of potato chips and good old-fashioned beef–not beef-flavor, beef as in beef-beef. They come in recognizable flavors like Cracked Pepper, Teriyaki and Smokehouse, which begs the question: what the heck to eat them with?

Product Description:

Cherkees are a hybrid of two delicious snack foods; beef jerky and potato chips. These are NOT beef jerky flavored potato chips. Cherkees are beef jerky and potato chips at the same time! Real lean beef and crispy potato finally meet. Cherkees are indeed unusual: very low in fat, high in protein, not fried. Ingredients include; potato, beef, onion, soy, spices. Package size: 5.8 oz.

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In Zombiefied Japan, You Eat The Zombies

Zombie Jerky

Zombies never go out of style. Luckily, when salted just right, they never spoil either. Then again, since they’re already dead, they are already pretty much spoiled, but apparently zombies taste good in that condition. In any event, when in Japan you can pick up a bag of Zombie Jerky for about $4.50 (399 yen) and find out.

Via Pink Tentacle. Be sure to click the link to check it out in all its blue, “graveyard aged” perfection.

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Where’s the beef? Leave a message.

Cow Chalkboard

Clara Peller may have left the building, but before she left she made sure we all got the message by asking, “Where’s the beef?” in her raspy, distinct voice. Television commercials were her medium, but the rest of us have to rely on a more old-fashioned approach (or YouTube, I suppose).

[

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