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Champagne Salvaged From 19th Century Shipwreck

Champagne Salvaged From 19th Century Shipwreck

Some truly rare wines are about to go under the hammer–and chances are they would survive even if that were literally true. Coming up in June, two bottles of champagne (Veuve Clicquot and Juglar) salvaged from a 19th-century shipwreck will be auctioned off. The apparently indestructible bottles are sure to fetch a hefty price.

Click on through to read the whole press release, including information on how to place a bid. (Good idea: Do not drink while bidding on this auction.)

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April 20, 2011   1 Comment

Blinking Condiment Bottles?

Max and Morris Blinking Ketchup and Mustard Set by Kikkerland

Yup. Let’s just let the product description speak for itself…

Max and Morris Blinking Ketchup and Mustard Set by Kikkerland

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Cheers To Salt And Pepper

Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers

Food just wouldn’t be the same without salt and pepper. Neither would many drinks. From ‘salt on the rim’ to a nice peppery bloody mary, the two spices add a depth of flavor that is unbeatable. Makes perfect sense to wrap ‘em up in the shape of a wine glass and bottle, right? If you agree, the Kikkerland Cheers Salt and Pepper Shakers could be yours. Cheers.

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Photo Wine Stopper Begs For Before And After Shots

Photo Wine Stopper

Alcohol has a sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-not-so-wonderful way of distorting perception. It’s no secret what wine can do: every culture that ever existed in human history has found one way or another to alter the mind; it’s only natural. Problem is, sometimes those effects can have unintended consequences. The Photo Wine Stopper may be designed to be a clever wine-related gift, but as it is capable of displaying not one, but two separate photos it also would make a great before and after display. Now exactly what those before and after photographs entail is entirely up to you.

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Drinking With Witches

Witches Legs Wine Bottle Stopper

A little known fact about witches: they occasionally fall into vessels of liquid. Naturally, it has something to do with always hovering about a boiling black cauldron; accidents do happen, after all. Apparently they are quite the winos too, as a Witches Legs Wine Bottle Stopper would seem to imply.

To witches, the best part of wine is the eye of newt and lizard’s leg sloshing about the bottom of the bottle. (It’s a special brew.) Unfortunately in their upside-down, topsy-turvy world, the best way to get at it is to just dive in. While wine-related mishaps increase every year about this time in the witch community, their loss is your gain. Just don’t eat the worm.

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Portion Control For Squeeze Bottle Condiments

Jokari 229482 Dressing Lid

Not all squeeze bottles are made the same. Some, like ketchup, have lids with a hole in the center to constrict the flow while squeezing. And then some don’t. Salad dressings are often packaged in bottles that don’t have appropriate lids. So, you squeeze and always get more dressing than salad in the bowl.

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