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Water water everywhere, with filtered drops to drink

The Self Filtering Water Bottle from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Sure, we all know that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, and are pretty easy to phase out of our daily routines. All it takes is a getting some sort of reusable water bottle, and those are certainly plentiful. Water may indeed be everywhere, but when out in the wild there is usually not a filtered drop to drink. Until now.

The Self Filtering Water Bottle from Hammacher Schlemmer is a stainless-steel water bottle that comes complete with an integrated filter. Able to treat up to 100 gallons of water before replacing, the water bottle/filter combination provides the equivalent of 757 1/2-liter plastic bottles. Using adsorption, chemical bonding, and 1/500-millimeter perforations to remove 99.99% of microbes, the water bottle is a convenient accessory for modern life, or even as a means to ensure access to potable water when out on the hiking trail—you know, out in the environment we’re all trying save.

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You light up my drink

Your eyes… they are so beautiful. They sparkle in the light. It’s as if all the stars from heaven were poured into your eyes. Wait. That’s just my drink being poured. Umm… you must be from heaven, because you look like an… hey, where you going?

Indeed. The ElectraPour might not help you out with your pick up lines, but it will almost certainly entertain you in darkly lit bars. Fitting snuggly on top of a liquor bottle, the pourer is activated when liquid is poured through it. A red LED illuminates the stream of booze all the way into the glass. Your love life may not improve, and your liver may rebel against you for all the repeated pouring, but for pure entertainment value, this little pourer is sure to light up a few smiles.

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Oil and vinegar one drop at a time

Pipette Oil & Vinegar by Design House Stockholm

Sure, you could use an oil mister to dress up your greens, or even the old fashioned way of pouring (gasp!) a mixture over your salad, but I think that’s all a little too last millennium. In this scientific age we all need to embrace the era that we live in. If that includes salad dressing, then so be it. I am prepared to meet the future head on; now you can too.

The Pipette Oil & Vinegar set by Design House Stockholm intends to bring up to date the way that we store and serve our salad essentials. Doling out exact measurements drop by drop, you have full control over your salad. The pipette set, designed by Camilla Kropp, is the perfect serving solution for the precision cook (or budding molecular gastronomist) in all of us.

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Hide those unsightly upside-down ketchup bottles

Bottoms Up Ketchup Bottle Holder

All those upside down bottles in your fridge may be fine when they’re out of sight, but when it’s time to take ‘em to the table, you should really clean up your act. No matter how good a spread you got going on, presentation does still count. Oh, if only there was a way to keep mostly-used ketchup bottles at the table without having to look at them.

Oh wait, there is.

The Kitchenart Bottoms-Up Bottle Holder may seem to be nothing more than a cheap plastic kitchen gadget designed to separate you from your money, but you have to look further than that. Place this on the dining room table and your tablescape will immediately be transformed from gauche to gosh. As a bonus, if you need a conversation starter, your guests will surely be asking what the heck that broken plastic thing is for.

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