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Behold, The Greatest Halloween Costume Ever!

Cheeseburger Head Mask

It’s the Cheeseburger Head Mask!

Really, the cheeseburger mask is good all year round and is surely appropriate for any situation. It will certainly go over well during your next business meeting. First date? Make an impression! Gotta run some errands and go to the bank? This will help you stand out in a crowd (or police lineup).

Consider the burger mask an investment. Only $39.99 for your future. Money well spent.

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Of Course There Is A Cronut Burger

The Cronut Burger from Le Dolci and Epic Burgers and Waffles

Surprise! It’s not from America!

For the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), two Toronto eateries — Le Dolci and Epic Burgers and Waffles — have decided to create this unholy alliance of part donut, part croissant and part burger. Thankfully, it will only be available between August 16 to September 2, 2013. And in Canada.

(Via Eater)

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Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press

Chef'n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press

Sometimes two small things are more desirable than one large thing of the same nature. Hamburgers fall into that category. As delicious as a monster burger may be, there are times when all it really takes to hit the spot is a couple (ahem) of small ones.

The Chef’n Mini Burger Machine Mini Burger Press knocks out little 2.5-ounce patties for sliders or other diminutive sandwiches. As good of an idea as this small burger press may be, I can’t help but wonder: where do you get the mini fries to go with it?

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Nordic Ware Basting Cover

Nordic Ware Basting Cover

The delicate dance of melting cheese on top of a hamburger on the grill can sometimes get messy. Messy in a good way. Except when the cheese doesn’t melt all the way through turning instead into a semi-solid glob of yellow-orange not-so-goodness. One could leave the cheeseburger on for longer, but not without risking it becoming overdone. Ah, but there is a solution to get all that melty goodness without turning that burger into a hockey puck. Put a lid on it.

Since it is probably a good idea to use something that can stand up to the heat of an open flame, the all-metal construction of the Nordic Ware Basting Cover would do the trick. Or you can do it like they do down in the French Quarter of New Orleans and use a hub cap instead. But then again, considering the price of car parts in general, perhaps this would be a more economical way to melt the cheese — leaving lots of money leftover to replenish the hockey puck supply with the real thing.

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Burger In A Bento Box

Hamburger Bento Lunch Box

This two-tier Hamburger Bento Lunch Box would make for a nice way to transport a cheeseburger. Put the burger on the bottom and the buns on the top and by lunchtime they won’t be a soggy mess. Or put rice and veggies in it like you are supposed to, but that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it? It is a burger lunchbox after all.

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Kikkerland Burger Coasters

Kikkerland Burger Coasters

It may be impolite to set your drink down on a table without using a coaster, but it is really impolite to set your drink down on a hamburger. Unless of course, said hamburger is a Kikkerland Burger Coaster. Which in that case is not only polite, but classy too.

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