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Kikkerland Burger Coasters

Kikkerland Burger Coasters

It may be impolite to set your drink down on a table without using a coaster, but it is really impolite to set your drink down on a hamburger. Unless of course, said hamburger is a Kikkerland Burger Coaster. Which in that case is not only polite, but classy too.

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SkinnyLicious Menu from The Cheesecake Factory

SkinnyLicious Burgers from The Cheesecake Factory's new menu aptly named SkinnyLicious.

Doesn’t that look good up there? Those are SkinnyLicious Burgers from The Cheesecake Factory. Looks just as good as that cheesecake from the other day, right? No? Oh well. Better not revisit that link then and instead continue on for the SkinnyLicious press release.

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Carl’s Jr. Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Carl's Jr., celebrating its 70th Anniversary, was founded with one hot dog cart on the corner of Florence and Central in Los Angeles on July 17, 1941. One of the earliest hot dog stands is pictured.

Just because the icons of the fast food industry are well, icons, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the little guy. Consider the success of food trucks in recent years and then read the press release below for inspiration. Then get busy, budding restaurateurs!

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Retrosink: Big Burger Grill

Big Burger Grill via Sam's Toybox.

Big Burger Grill via Sam's Toybox. Click image to be taken back in time.

Grilling season is officially on. Check out this awesome grill-themed vintage toy:

The Big Burger Grill uses a 150 watt light bulb to heat a metal grill surface on which you can cook hamburgers, pancakes, and other delectables.

And be sure to check out the source link for other (not necessarily food-related) vintage toys.

(Via Sam’s Toybox)

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White Castle Cake

White Castle celebrates 90th bday with cake.

Everybody loves cake, even fast-food burger restaurants. (Well, okay, maybe not the actual restaurants, but the people behind the scenes do.) Read on to discover news about this 90th bday bash that occurred in Wichita, Kansas.

Sadly, no news regarding the cake was provided.

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White Castle Does Bacon

White Castle logo

White Castle has, shall we say, a distinct aroma. And it’s no secret that the smell of bacon cooking is the greatest smell in the world. So it only makes sense to put the two together! Today’s press release highlights just that. Read on and crave on.

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