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Cookbook On a Stick!

Matt Armendariz Cookbook: On a Stick!

One might think that cooking food on a stick is simply a matter of sticking food on a stick. (With me so far?) Ah, but there’s a fine art to it. Which foods taste best when on a stick? How to keep food on a stick from falling off of a stick? Does everything taste better on a stick? (Yes.) These are all worthy topics to explore. The new cookbook On a Stick! by Matt Armendariz looks to answer a few of these delicious questions.

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High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover

High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover

Cooking is messy business. When it is not food scraps littering the workspace, it’s spills and splashes finding a way to get on and in to everything. One way to keep grease from raining down on the stovetop is with the High Domed Stainless-Steel Mesh Splatter Cover. Like any splatter screen, it features a fine mesh construction, but with its high-domed nature and its convenient opening for utensils, this particular model offers expanded usability. Fits 10-inch to 12-inch diameter pans. Oh, and it’s dishwasher-safe, meaning that no matter what you throw at it this cover has you, well, covered.

*** UPDATE 5/18/15 ***

Product link updated. BTKS has you covered!

Excelsteel Stainless Steel 13-Inch Round Splatter Screen

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Million Dollar Cooks, Don’t Forget: Pillsbury Bake-Off

Turn these brands into a million dollars.

Think you have a million-dollar recipe? Here’s a way to prove it. The deadline for the annual Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest is fast approaching. The winning recipe nets the creator one million dollars. As the press release below indicates, that’s a lot of dough.

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Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

The Modernist Burger from Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking.

Click above to be taken to Serious Eats to see a full-size image detailing what went into making that burger--including sous vide lettuce.

“The most important book in the culinary arts since Escoffier.” –Tim Zagat

Still hot of the press, and already Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cookingis creating a stir. Eliciting comparisons to the Auguste Escoffier tome, Le Guide Culinaire is no small feat. (Ironically, that 100-year old text has an upcoming release date for a new revised English translation.) Consisting of six volumes and almost 2,500 pages, Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet combines stunning photography with detailed explanations, giving the modern cook a true guide to the culinary arts.

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Google Knows What You Want To Eat

Google now has recipe search.

Kind of know what you want to eat, but aren’t sure? Google Recipe View can help. Now, search results include a recipe tab, complete with popular (and not-so-popular) ingredients. So if you are looking for a chicken soup recipe with turnips, but not parsnips, Google knows where to look, giving 784 recipes to choose from. Go ahead and try it now. Finding something to cook just got a whole new makeover.

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eCoupled Creates Packaging That Cooks

eCoupled wireless technology as seen on a Campbell's soup can at CES 2011.

Credit: Gizmodo

A few years ago I witnessed an eCoupled presentation of wireless power. While the underlying tech is nothing new, the execution is probably miles away from what Nikola Tesla imagined. For example, news coming out of CES 2011… food that cooks directly in the packaging… and no, not in a microwave.

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