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Refrigerator light gnomes expand operations

Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts

Does the light really shut off when you close the ice chest door? Wait, there is no light inside the ice chest. That is, unless you have this Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts. Other than providing minutes of entertainment as the mystery of the cooler light is explored by opening and shutting the ice chest, the cooler light provides much needed illumination for when the party heads into the night. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a Coke when what you really wanted was a PBR. Now that all-too-common mix-up can finally be avoided. As for the cooler light? Yes, it does shut off automatically twenty seconds after you close the lid. But to see the light gnomes in action, you’ll have to buy one and see for yourself.

August 14, 2009   No Comments

Light-activated Recording Can Fridge Guard confirms the refrigerator light really does turn off

Recording Can Fridge Guard

The Recording Can Fridge Guard is an inconspicuous looking device capable of answering an age-old question: Does the refrigerator light really turn off when the door is closed? Simply record a message and stick it in the fridge. It is cleverly camouflaged as a cola can, so any fridge gnomes (I suspect) will not be distracted as they go about their light-turning-off duties. When the door is opened, and light hits the can, your message will play. Pretty simple stuff; if you don’t hear the can talking to itself when the door is closed, well then, the light is indeed off.

Of course, you could use the can to leave recorded shopping reminders or encouraging words for a dieter, but where’s the fun in that? I can’t think of any better way to make sure the light goes off other than opening and closing the door really, really fast.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

March 30, 2009   1 Comment