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Fire-roasted stuffed peppers on the grill

Chile Pepper Grill Rack

Just look at that picture. Doesn’t that look crazy delicious? Those loaded peppers would certainly look great on my grill. Just imagine a few juicy burgers cooking alongside this Chile Pepper Grill Rack. Now that it’s grillin’ season, it’s time to consider the deliciousness that is to come in the months ahead. From the looks of this grill gadget, I believe roasted peppers deserve to be included in every single grill session to come.

The stainless-steel Pepper Rack holds 18 peppers and is dishwasher-safe. The rack measures 10-inches by 4.75-inches, and holds the peppers at a height of 2-inches. It will cost you twenty bucks to get your hands on this accessory, which is a small price to pay considering how hard it is to stand a dozen and a half peppers on end.

March 31, 2009   2 Comments

Music to Eat

Gastar miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill with Built-In Speakers

Some things just belong together. Music at a cookout is definitely a classic combination. But music in a gas grill? I’m not exactly sure why, but somebody thought it would be a good idea to combine a propane powered gas grill housed inside a base which includes two “powerful” speakers.

If you don’t mind a little grease with your iPod or other mp3 player, you can now pick up the Gastar miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill with Built-In Speakers. Highly portable, measuring two feet high, with a width of 17.5 inches, the grill has 160 sq. inches of cooking surface. The speakers are powered by 4 AA batteries or an included adapter, while the included drip pan and cooking surface are both dishwasher safe.

Sounds like the perfect complement to the Hampton Grease Band.

(Via Kitchen Contraptions)

March 17, 2009   2 Comments

Corn Butter Boat Trays steam away winter blues

Corn Butter Boat Trays

It may be close to grillin’ time in some parts of the country, but other regions are going to have to wait. Grilled meat may be the number one item people think about when breaking out the charcoal, but grilled corn surely deserves a place at the table.

The Corn Butter Boat Trays can help you get through those long nights far removed from a hot grill. It may not be grilled corn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have quick, easy and delicious corn on the cob. The trays allow for the ability to steam an ear of corn in the microwave in about 2-3 minutes. When grillin’ season finally does arrive, you could use these trays to serve those grilled ears, complete with melted butter. Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so long.

March 17, 2009   No Comments

Grillin’ in the dark

Camouflage Lighted Hat W/ 2 LED Lights

Spring is just around the corner, and soon the air will be filled with the intoxicating scent of grilled meats. While the days may be getting longer, some of us just cannot wait to fire up the grill. If you find yourself hovering over the grill, trying to coax one last burger out of the grill before losing the light, you may want to consider adding some of your own light.

The Camouflage Lighted Hat W/ 2 LED Lights is a solution for all you nighttime grillers. Attached to the brim are two LED light that are focused to shine in front of you. No more guessing when its time to flip that burger. As an added benefit, consider the fact that it will be dark out when using this, so nobody will see you wearing it.

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Flexible Grill Basket keeps the food out of the fire

Flexible Grill BasketGrill baskets are wonderful things. Designed not only to hold delicate fish (or meats) for grill cooking, but also perfect for keeping small vegetables in place. Nothing quite beats marinated fire-roasted vegetables served with a perfectly cooked piece of fish. Problem is, sometimes without the right equipment it can be difficult to keep the food from falling into the fire.

This Flexible Grill Basket is made from carbon steel and has a non-stick finish. The heavy-duty plastic handle makes flipping a breeze, while the flexible nature of the mesh allows for it to contour around your food. A sliding lock further helps to keep food from slipping out. When it’s all said and done, and your delicious meal is safely on your plate (or in your belly), cleaning up is simply a matter of popping the basket into the dishwasher.

February 23, 2009   No Comments