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Beef Up The Lemonade Stand

TOP DAWG Commercial 7 Roller Hot Dog Machine With Cover by Great Northern Popcorn

When life gives you lemons, make hot dogs!

Everybody is feeling the pinch these days: from the big bosses at the largest multinational corporations to the littlest CEO’s. Like any reasonable businessperson might conclude, the key to survival is diversification. In such a competitive market, it is advice every business can benefit from. Even the lemonade stand.

You have to offer your customers something more in this economy, and what do people want? Why, hot dogs, of course! The TOP DAWG Commercial 7 Roller Hot Dog Machine With Cover by Great Northern Popcorn is your ticket to the better life through increased sales. Fierce competition is nothing to take lightly, and with a little capital expenditure now, the future can look both bright and tasty. And hey, when the kids grow up, you got yourself a hot dog machine. See, economics can be fun! Or at least delicious.

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Spiral Cut Hot Dogs Increase Condiment Coverage

Wynder's Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

There are no ends to the possibilities when it comes to dressing up a hot dog. From sauerkraut and relish, to jalapeños and hot sauce, the ability to add a personal touch to the tube is one aspect that makes hot dogs so eternally popular. Add in the fact that the hot dog itself is available in a million different varieties, and practically every meat-eater out there is guaranteed a dog to their liking. Now, it is possible to add one variation to each and every option out there, thanks to Wynder’s Spiral Hot Dog Cutters.

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Grill Season Ushered In With The Snap Of A Hot Dog And Crack Of The Bat

Steven Raichlen Double-V Smoker Box

It’s baseball season, which in turn means hot dog season has officially begun. However, hot dogs spinning eternally on stainless-steel rollers are only but one way to welcome in the new season. It’s time for the grill to come out of hibernation, and a good idea might be to step up your grilling game while you’re at it. A simple way is to do it with smoke.

The Steven Raichlen Double-V Smoker Box gives grillers the ability to add complex flavors by imparting foods with not only smoke, but also liquids. The double box construction allows for wood chips to be added to gas or charcoal grills, while the lower compartment is designed for adding juice, beer, wine or other flavored beverages. The traditional snap of a hot dog that accompanies the sound of baseball being smacked across the infield hasn’t usually included a palate-pleasing aftertaste of merlot or chardonnay, but hey, there’s always this year.

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Roll your own hot dogs (wherever you want to)

Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection Carnival Hot Dog Cart with Umbrella

With the street food craze still going on in full swing, it’s time to get back to basics. While we may never know what the original street food really is (noodles in China being a good bet), the iconic street food item of the modern era in the U.S. (or at least NYC) is the hot dog. While the close companion of the hot dog, the hamburger, might best be prepared on a backyard grill, the hot dog just isn’t a hot dog unless it comes from the street. Or at least a cart.

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Bake your own hot dog buns

Americoat Nonstick 15
Whether you call them frankfurters or wieners, hot dogs offer something for everyone. Available in a multitude of varieties, meat in tube form continues to be a classic meal no matter where you may be from. Yet for all the different forms (and varying degrees of quality) sausages can take, the bun sadly is too often overlooked. The lowly bun is capable of so much more than being relegated to oddly-numbered packages smushed into the back of a grocer’s counter—especially when you bake your own.

The Americoat Nonstick 15″ x 6″ Hot Dog Bun Pan encourages hot dog buns to rise to their full potential. The raised ridges form indentations into the buns as they bake, in the process creating quick-access cutting guides. As all hot dog fans know, the quicker to the dog, the better. Pile the resulting dog high with condiments (no ketchup), and the perfect hot dog is finally completed in all its glory, from its chili-coated top to hearty bread bottom.

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Winning the game with the Corn Dog Maker

Smart Planet CDM-1 Corn Dog Maker

The county fair may have come and gone, but that doesn’t have to be a reason to pull the plug on summer treats. Smart Planet CDM-1 Corn Dog Maker brings all the fun home, while leaving the sideshows and rigged games out on the midway.

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