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Silicone Shell Molds Versus Baby Mold

Silicone Shell Molds

It’s probably pretty hard to carve a seashell design out of fondant or gum paste. That’s probably why First Impressions made these Silicone Shell Molds. Which is probably exactly the way the pros do it. Which is probably one reason why professionally-made cakes look so good.

But one thing that is certain, is that these seashell molds can in no way produce as terrifying a result as the Silicone Baby Mold that First Impressions also makes. Mmm, baby cake!

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Until that time when Han In Carbonite Popsicle Mold becomes a reality in our freezers, his ship will have to do. You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your hands your very own Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray. And if you really have your heart set on a frozen Han popsicle treat, the company does offer the Kotobukiya Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Silicon Tray, as well as general-use molds for R2-D2, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and X-wing fighters. Yikes! That’s a lot of cold Star Wars!

Product Description:
From a galaxy far, far away this Kotobukiya silicon Millennium Falcon ice tray comes blasting in from Hyperspace. Create Ice, Jello, Chocolate, cookies, etc in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. The Millenium Falcon silicone ice tray is heat (230 celcius or 446F) and cold resistant, as well as oven and microwave safe! Great for baking or freezing. Add some fun to your parties with Star Wars ice cubes and treats!

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Prepara Ice Balls–Because Cubes Are So Square

Prepara Ice Balls

Ice cubes are so square. The new way to drink is in the round. Spherical, that is. These Prepara Ice Balls come as a set (for you and three friends) and brighten up the freezer as well as your drink. Get creative and add mint leaves, juice or fruit segments for a drinking experience that is sure to leave the guests asking for another round.

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Lego Mold Is A Good Thing–Sort Of

Building Blocks Chocolate Candy Mold - Perfect for Lego Party by CybrTrayd

This Lego mold, err, Building Blocks Chocolate Candy Mold, would make for a fun activity with the kids. It might not promote healthy eating, but at least they’ll be learning something while they’re at it. (As long as they don’t try to stack the blocks–these appear to be one-sided molds!)

Chocolate Lego Blocks

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Lemon Lime Ice Turns Every Drink Into Lemonade

Lemon/Lime Ice Cube Trays - Set of 2

Ice is nice and all, but if you really want to make a splash add some flavor to that frozen water. The Lemon/Lime Ice Cube Trays come in a set of two and are specifically-designed to turn regular lemon and lime slices into flavor-bursting ice cubes. Just place the citrus slices into the trays and fill with water. The ice freezes around the lemon and lime wedges, creating a fun and easy way to add flavor to cool summer beverages–even lemonade. Or perhaps, especially lemonade, considering every drink will pack that refreshing pucker-punch.

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The Coolest Beer Mug

Strapya World Frozen Beer Mug Maker

Cans and bottles that tell you when your beer is cold are just too hard to operate. I mean, what if you want your beer ice cold? When the mountains turn blue does that mean it’s ice cold or just regular cold? It’s an important difference. One way to know for sure is to ditch the can and go for the Strapya World Frozen Beer Mug Maker. Consisting of a plastic handle, a base and the ice mold, the mug-maker lets you create a one-time-use beer mug made out of ice. Since the ice will eventually melt it will require require drinkers to stay at least somewhat aware, but if you really need some help in the matter perhaps drawing on a set of red mountains will help.

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*** UPDATE 11/10/19 *** Product link above no longer works — looks like Strapya became Hamee — but Amazon does have it (low rated beware!):

Frozen Beer Mug Maker (Japan Import)
by Hamee

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