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Pasta Vision for those that do not see

Koolatron Pasta Vision PV100-8

The really cool superheroes have x-ray vision or heat-ray eyes, but there is another class of totally lame superheroes (or villains) that have bunk powers. However, Asbestos Man and Doctor Bong have nothing to fear from anybody who has Pasta Vision.

Featuring a concealed heating element mounted in a cool-touch base, the pasta maker is “a fun and easy way to cook your favorite pasta dish”. It may be easy to use, but I’m not sure how much fun I would be having. Chances are I’d be kicking myself for buying this $60 kitchen appliance. However, I’m sure Saucepan Man (if he existed) would be so proud of me once I defeated this awful Pasta Vision by simply throwing it away.

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A variety of pastas straight from the stand mixer


If you’ve got a stand mixer, then you are already aware of what a help it can be in the kitchen. The machine has been a favorite of home cooks for generations, and for good reason: stand mixers are capable of producing anything from whipped cream to walnut bread. However, the real versatility of the classic kitchen gadget shines through when used in conjunction with the myriad of available attachments.

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Not a pasta tree


It looks like a pasta tree, but since pasta doesn’t grow on trees, it must be something else. Oh. It’s a rack. For drying pasta. Eh, still looks like a pasta tree to me. But if you insist, we can call it by its real name: Wooden Pasta Drying Rack. It also looks like an old telephone pole, but a Pasta Telephone Pole would just be ridiculous now, wouldn’t it? TGIF.

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