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A Place To Put The Pits

Pittoon Platter

When serving olives or cherries, the resulting pits can look a little too appetizing for some to pass up. While it may always be amusing to catch somebody about to try one of the fancy ‘nuts’, ultimately they are a party favor best kept out of sight.

The Pittoon Platter keeps gullible guests from being the butt of jokes as they attempt to sample the slowly growing pile of pits. The serving platter comes complete with a separate bowl designed specifically to hide discarded pits. Clearly labeled “PITS”, everyone will thankfully know what not to eat on the tray.

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Because All Food On The Grill Should Say Cuisinart

Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Grilling Platter

As a cooking option, grilling cannot be beat; if you can cook it, chances are, you can grill it. However, that open flame dancing just under the grill grates requires a slightly different approach than when cooking in the kitchen. For small foods like shrimp, or delicate items like practically every fish, some type of a guard to place over the grill grates makes the process easier. (Not to mention saving foods from falling into the flames.) The Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Grilling Platter offers 13-inches by 8-inches of grilling surface, perforated for complete heat penetration. And if you’re a fan of the brand Cuisinart, well it looks like no matter what you happen to be grilling, the one on the middle is yours.

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Deviled Eggs In The Round

Deviled Egg Platter by Tag Ltd.

Deviled eggs are exceptional enough as they are. The concept of taking apart an ingredient, manipulating it and then stuffing it back together is one that seems like it shouldn’t be successful. (Or even successfully appetizing.) However, when it comes to the incredible edible egg there seems to be no end to how it can be used—or served.

Serving deviled eggs doesn’t necessarily require a specialty serving tray, but considering the item, they certainly deserve one. The Deviled Egg Platter by Tag Ltd. holds a dozen and a half eggs within its telltale indentations (the other six eggs are for the cook). The earthenware serving platter has a diameter of 13.5-inches, making for an impressive display. Complete with a glazed finish and a microwave-safe construction (eww), the egg serving tray mirrors the beauty of the deviled egg, bringing a simple yet elegant serving piece that will be the star of the table.

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Score with Chillzanne

Pampered Chef Chillzanne Rectangle Server

With the Super Bowl right on the horizon it’s time to consider the most important aspect of the game: the menu. Chips and dips have a natural affinity for televised sporting events, and during the Big Game, ‘Super Bowl’ has more than one meaning. No matter what snack you reach for on Super Sunday, you’re going to need something to put it in.

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Snake plates!

Snake Platters by Vivre Selection

You got the snakeskin jacket with matching boots and belt. You have a snakeskin wallet. You even carry a snakeskin briefcase (and nobody asks you what’s inside). You are the epitome of snakeskin style. Clearly, you need these Snake Platters by Vivre Selection.

These copper plates are finished in enamel, creating a snake themed platter as durable as it is handsome. These snakeskin plates don’t come cheap, but if you’re willing to shed some skins, the 6-inch, 9.5-inch or 12-inch plates could be yours starting at $70.

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