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160 Pages Of Tea: The Ancient Art of Tea

The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters by Warren Peltier.

Looking for some fine reading to look over while enjoying a cup of tea? Consider The Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters by Warren Peltier. In it you will learn that “…mountain water is superior. Inferior is river water. Well water is inferior to river water.” Which makes sense. Naturally.

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Retrosink: Old-Timey Alarm-Clock Tea Maker

Old-Timey Alarm-Clock Tea Maker

Even since the beginning of the modern era it was recognized that people needed all the help they could get when it came to procuring a caffeinated beverage. After all, the motor skills needed to make a pot of tea or coffee require some degree of coordination—best left to automation. Back in the day, they might have used an old-timey appliance such as this alarm clock tea maker contraption.

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Tea Alarm Clock Belongs In The Kitchen

Swan Teasmade

Alarm clocks are the enemy. As such, when they bleep their jarring blare in the morning, they deserve to be hit. Whoever invented the snooze button clearly understood this: not only is the magic button designed to shut the contraption up (albeit briefly) but the button is also usually placed right on top, conveniently within smacking range.

As enjoyable as waking up to breakfast (or at least caffeine) in bed may be, the snooze alarm always gets hit first, sadly placing the Swan Teasmade into the unusable category—at least while it’s within striking distance. Placed waaaaay over on that dresser, or maybe even in the bathroom, then they might be on to something. Or better yet, put in the kitchen and let it scream that it is time for tea all day long.

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Pressed For Tea? Press Your Own

Tovolo Tea Press Infuser

There are a great deal of options available to any on-the-go caffeine aficionado. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the right choice is always available. More so than any other group of people, coffee and tea-drinkers know exactly how they take it, and their preferred option simply isn’t always available. For tea-drinkers, if this happens more often than not, perhaps it’s time to explore other options (without eliminating your favorite blend).

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Beak Steeper: Penguin Tea Timer

Penguin Tea Timer

I never thought hot water and penguins mixed particularly well, but—at least when it comes to brewing tea—this particular penguin takes to it like a duck to water. Place a cup of hot water under the beak, attach either the included tea strainer or your favorite bagged tea, and set the timer. The bag lowers into the hot water, and automatically rises when the time is up.

Able to be set for up to twenty minutes, the Penguin Tea Timer can also be used as a traditional kitchen timer. Perhaps most important of all, as the product description states, “at $11.89, the price is not steep at all!”

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Everyday Teakettle Looks Good On The Stovetop

Demeyere Teakettle

Countertop appliances and kitchen gadgets usually get put away after use. Not because they may look funky: while design is constantly in flux, the issue is usually available space. Yet, some everyday kitchen tools allow for perfect placement without a second thought. Topping that list might just be the teakettle. It looks at home when left out in the stovetop, and the easy functionality is always within hand’s reach. As long as you’re going to leave the teakettle out, it might as well look good too.

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