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Handy Holders Keep Drinks Off The Grass

Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus

Grass is misleading. It looks like it should be all soft and fluffy, but in reality it’s sharp and pointy. And hardly as evenly-spaced as it looks. Along with sand (grrr…), grass has a tendency to just get in the way. However, cover it with a large blanket, and now you’re talking. Just add some warm weather and cool beverages and you got yourself an afternoon that can’t be beat. Until you try to set down your drink on bumpy grass or hot sand (grrr…).

For some of us, the Handy Holder Beverage Holders (Set of 2) by Picnic Plus makes perfect sense. Spiked into the ground, the hand-shaped 12-inch stainless-steel helper stabilizes your drink for you. As an added bonus, ice-cold beverages stay cooler longer, safely suspended up over the terrors of grass and sand.

Also available for wine.

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Wine Tote For Alligator Pod People

Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case

Like some space alien pod, or perhaps a toothless alligator, the Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case spits out a bottle of wine wherever you may be. Featuring a leatherette exterior, an insulated lining and a handy accessory drawer, the sleek wine case makes a wine-toting fashion statement from the swamp to space.

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The Picnic Tote That (Thankfully) Doesn’t Know When To Say When

Bottle Bag by Reisenthel

If you see someone walking around with one of these bags—follow them! Chances are they’re going to the best picnic in the park. Holding nine bottles of wine at a time, the Bottle Bag by Reisenthel makes it easy to transport wine to any occasion. Featuring individual compartments that keep each bottle secure while en-route, the foldable bag with padded Velcro handle is sure to be the number one picnic accessory of the year—certainly the most appreciated by those in attendance.

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Don’t Puzzle Over Which Wine Glass Is Yours

Puzzle Wine Glass Markers

Presented with a puzzle that consists of only six pieces, most wine drinkers might suspect that they have been given some sort of sobriety test. However, these colorful little markers are meant solely to keep your wine glass in check. Whether or not you wish to put together these Puzzle Wine Glass Markers is entirely up to you, but they are probably more useful in solving the question of whose wine glass it is that you’re about to drink—especially for the girls if they all have a similar shade of lipstick on that night.

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Wine trolley keeps the drinks rolling

Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley

Sure, you could pick up a kitchen island to complete the needed work area for your undersized kitchen. Yes, you could put a premium on counter space and pick up a handy island, ending all your veggie-chopping, dough-rolling worries. Certainly it would make the task of cooking easier… Or you could accomplish all that and more.

The Oenophilia Kitchen Wine Trolley doesn’t offer a lot in the way of a work area, as it measures about 16-inches by 20-inches (it stands 32.5-inches tall). But, what it lacks up on top, it makes up for on bottom. Built to house six glasses and twelve bottles of wine, this wine rack on wheels may not help much when it comes to the prep work, but when it comes to the after dinner drinks, it will keep the party rolling.

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Ding! Your wine is ready.

Koolatron Countertop Wine Cellar

Cooking with wine is a great way to add depth of flavor to many dishes, however most chefs tend to at least wait until the wine is out of the bottle. If you’re into nuking (or toasting) your wine before it even has a chance to breathe, you may want to look elsewhere. While this Koolatron Countertop Wine Cellar may look for all the world like a cross between a microwave and a toaster oven, this small 6-bottle wine fridge has no plans on ringing in the New Year with a few bottles of overdone wine. (At least I think so; those buttons across the front could just as easily house a shade selector and one-touch popcorn control.)

(Via Appliancist)

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